We are now accepting Talks for publications


We live in an era where the influence of video communication and video publications is undeniably important. Most of the information consumed by viewers has drastically shifted towards video publications. This is a positive development for science and society for several reasons, including because it improves communication of science and knowledge in general – the primary aim of Legal Issues Journal (LIJ). As a result, LIJ is now accepting Science Talks for publication.
We publish in video format any work that we would accept for traditional publishing





In addition to the guidelines for Traditional publications, please follow these specific Talk Publications guidelines:



The max length of videos for Talk Publications is 30 minutes.


Recording quality:

Videos should be recorded horizontally with a non-distracting background; free of interfering noise; the author and PowerPoint slides should be visible throughout the recording; recording is to be done by one author only (generally, the lead author).


Language and clarity:

The language and presentation must be easy to follow. If you need advice on presentation quality, we can provide recommendations.


Each submission must include:

  • Recorded video and slides
  • Extended abstract/Manuscript, which should contain the following: Text (the title and extended abstract); figures (including relevant captions), tables (including titles, description, footnotes) and references). Source files of figures, tables and text graphics will need to be provided regardless of whether they were embedded in the video.



  • Ensure that coloured images are accessible to all including individuals with impaired colour vision
  • The following fonts are recommended when using illustrations: Arial, Courier, Times New Roman.



Should not be included in the reference list- should be listed separately at the end of the article.

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