Referencing must be consistent throughout the paper. We recommend using Zotero or similar. Quotes must include page numbers. 

– In the text references – original papers only (e.g. research papers, reviews, meta analyses). DO NOT ENTER ORIGINAL PAPERS AS FOOTNOTE.

Up to two authors: given in brackets and by author’s last name and year of publication, divided by comma, e.g. ‘(Jones & Kalam, 2017). Two of more authors: in brackets, with first author followed by et al, full stop and year. No comma should be used. E.g. (King et al. 2017). 

– All other references as footnotes

End of text references: Listed alphabetically at the end of the text. If two or more publications are from the same author, then they should be listed as to the year of publication, the latest coming first.

Style – Journal:

One author: Kokoya, F. (2013). The future of equality. Legal Issues Journal, 2(1). No comma after the last author, and the journal name in italics.

Two or more authors: Kokoya, F., Jones, S. & Bilioti, K. (2010). Justice and politics. Legal Issues Journal, 4(2). No comma before the last author (only a full stop).

Style – Books:

Similar to journal citation, except that the book title will be in italics and not the publisher. E.g. Hasani, K. (1998). Law and Genetics. Oxford University Press. Oxford.

Style – Online sources:

Must provide an accessible link and must state the date it was retrieved/accessed. E.g. The World Bank. Gini coefficient 2014. www.wb/gini (accessed 4th June 2014)

Online reports should state copyright holder and year of publication.  E.g. Ministry of Justice. (2016). Access to justice report 2014 www.js/aj (accessed 4th June 2014).

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