Aims and scope

LIJ  publishes original research and other scholarly work which address societal questions by bringing together two or more disciplines, across fields such as psychology, law, genetics, sociology and philosophy. Of particular interest are topics focusing on justice, equality, education, biosciences, human behaviour, decision making, societal structures and ethics. 

The Journal publishes original papers, case comments, short reports, debates, and book reviews. The Journal also provides important news and interpretation on changes in the legal world and coming trends affecting law, lawyers, and society. Contribution to society, nationally and internationally, is the focus of LIJ.

In the area of law and genetics and law and biosciences, we welcome papers on ethical, legal, and societal implications of genetic science and of biosciences in general, including discrimination (employment, insurance genetic/bioscience, etc.); genetic data protection and privacy; and commercialisation of genetic research.



LIJ has no pre-set targets. Research is published as accepted, and Issues are published when the required number of papers have been accepted. This policy removes pressures of accepting papers to reach targets (which can harm quality); or rejecting quality papers when demand is high.  Generally, each Issue will contain 4-6 articles, 1-2 case comments, and 1-2 book reviews, making about 44,000-55,000 words in total.


What we publish

Traditional publications


Full papers (research and reviews), including Preregistered Research Articles

For Preregistered Research Articles read more here.


Case comments / Short reports


Debate articles (and short Opinions)

LIJ publishes responses to papers appearing in previous issues, and authors of the original paper will be given the opportunity for simultaneous response.


Book reviews


Talk publications

We publish in video format any work that we would accept for traditional publishing.  

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