Volume 3, Issue 2

July 2015


In Search Of ‘Joint Criminal Enterprise’ In The International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973
Muhsina Farhat Chowdhury

Ukrainian Sovereignty And Territorial Integrity – Has It Been Breached?
Alexander Gilder

Severing The Next Generation: Sexual Violence In Genocide
Arsiné Grigoryan

This A (Wo)Man’s World: Reforming UK Equal Pay
Victoria Hooten

In Verrem: The Case That Changed The Course Of Jurisprudential History
André M. Santamaria

The Intricacies Of Partly New Inventions: Should We Grant Patentability?
Anatoli Tsakalidou

Case Comments

United States v Camou: Warrantless Cell Phone Searches After Riley v California
Marco Y. Wong