Open Access for a nominal cost


The UKLSA, by subsidising the running of the Journal, has made possible for the Journal to provide the opportunity of Open Access Publishing for a nominal cost of £250 (generally over £1,500).

Research that is not freely accessible has minimal impact, because costs restrict access to research findings, data and methodologies.  Open Access research enables collaboration, transparency, rapid dissemination and accessibility internationally – thus enabling faster development.


Open Access at LIJ

In order to provide greater freedom to authors to using their work, and to better serve society by publishing high quality, freely accessible peer-reviewed research – LIJ encourages publishing on Open Access by offering such an option to authors for a minimal charge. Content is published under a Creative Commons licence, which authors can select.


What is Open Access?

Open Access (OA) makes research findings freely available for anyone to access and view.  It allows authors to redistribute, re-use and adapt the content in new works.

OA also means that, depending on the Creative Commons licence selected, readers are allowed to redistribute, re-use in some cases adapt the content in new works, as long as the original source is acknowledged and cited.


Pre-publication copy

LIJ also allows authors to make a version of a work freely accessible in an institutional or some other document repository. This will be the author’s original manuscript as it was when it was accepted for publication – pre proofs and formatting, but after peer-review changes have been made).


Creative Commons licence options

Creative Commons is important in facilitating Open Access publishing. They provide a legal framework for giving users free access.

Authors can select one of the Creative Commons licences below to apply to their work. Rights granted to end users differ as to the type of licence, but all require end user to give appropriate credit and indicate if changes were made.

  • CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution License): (Preferred by LIJ). Grants an unrestricted licence. It allows others to copy and redistribute the material in any format and remix, transform and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. This is the licence that some funders such as the Wellcome Trust require for journal articles.
  • CC-BY-NC (Creative Commons Non-Commercial License):Allows others to copy and redistribute the material in any format, for non-commercial purposes only.
  • CC-BY-NC-ND (Creative Commons Non-Commercial No-Derivatives License):Allows others, for non-commercial use only, to copy and redistribute the material in any format, but not if you remix, transform or build upon the material.
  • CC-BY-NC-SA(Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-alike): Allows others, commercial purpose only, to copy and redistribute the material in any format, remix, transform and build upon the material. Remixed, transformed or built upon material can only be distributed under the same licence as the original. This licence can create an unnecessary barrier to the re-use of the OA content.


Obtain Open Access


Pay the fee above or by clicking here… and email us at with the title of your paper.