lij-41Legal Issues Journal 4(1) Jan 2016 is now available in paperback and for Kindle.

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In This Issue:
1. Companies of Past and Present: Lessons from the East India Company
on the Use and Regulation of Private Forces Today by Katerina Galai.

2. Court of Arbitration for Sport: The Effectiveness of CAS Awards and FIFA by Matteo Maciel.

3. A Critical Analysis of the Commonly Recommended Reforms of
Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) by Himaloya Saha.

4. Suing Public Authorities: Who Wins? by Tom Stafford.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility: Here to Stay by Andreas Thrasyvoulou.

6. The Illusion of Choice—Have Enforced Caesarean Cases
Introduced a New Class of Incompetent Adults? by Mabel Wei.

7. Misusing Drugs and Misapplying Paternalism: Injecting Portuguese Decriminalisation into the UK Justice System by Ellen Wright and Kate Harker.

8. Agamben’s State of Exception in Context: A Critical Analysis With
Regard to Post-9/11 Jurisprudence by Stefanos Xenofontos.

9. Omissions and the Mysterious Public Veil: Consideration of the
“Immunity” of Public Authorities in Negligence Claims by Jason Yong.