Our work largely depends on the contribution of professionals who value knowledge dissemination.

If you would like to contribute to our journal, we would be happy to hear from you. Contribution options:


Reviewers, Copy Editors, Assistant Editors


We welcome reviewers from any areas falling within our scope, including law, genetics, psychology, philosophy and medicine. 

Copy Editors

We welcome anyone who has an interest in clear and concise writing. Our aim is to make articles as accessible as possible.

Assistant Editors

We welcome anyone who believes the work of journals is important for societies and is interested in applying their expertise to the growth of the Journal.


Benefits of contributing to a Journal

Contributing to the work of a journal means contributing to knowledge dissemination, which is essential for progress. The work of thousands of professionals (e.g. as reviewers, copy editors and editors) makes an enormous contribution to improving living for all.

Being part of a journal also means that you are the first to read interesting research and ideas of colleagues around the globe.


Benefits of contributing to LIJ Journal

LIJ is independant – it is not linked to any large publisher. Our team is truly international, including from the UK, USA, Russian Federation, Columbia, Emirates and many more.

LI team is also truly interdisciplinary, including barristers, solicitors, US attorneys, judges, geneticists, psychologists, educationalists, philosophers and many more. Find out more…

For more information or if you wish to join: please feel free to email us at president@uklsa.co.uk.





Gain writing and publishing skills

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Please contact us at contact(@)uklsa.co.uk.

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