Executive Publisher


Fatos Selita

Barrister (England and Wales); Attorney and Counselor at Law (NY-USA); Lecturer: Goldsmiths, University of London, Tomsk State University; visiting lecturer: Higher School of Economics, Oregon State University. Founder of the UKLSA. Fatos combines academia and practice. His work focuses on the intersection of law and science, including utilising science for the benefit of justice. Read more…




Markus McDowell

PhD; Executive Editor, Sulis International Press (Los Angeles and London); Legal Researcher and Writer, Bonaventura Law Group (Ventura, California, USA). Markus has been part of the Legal Issues Journal since 2012. Read more…


Associate Editors


Alice Gregory

Alice Gregory is a Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths. She has a strong interest in public engagement of science and contributes to several diverse research areas, including the longitudinal associations between sleep and psychopathology, behavioural genetics, sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome.  Read more…


Yulia Kovas

Yulia Kovas is Professor of Genetics and Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London; honorary professor at Moscow State University; visiting Professor at University of Sussex; New York University in London; Tomsk State University; and Higher School of Economics. Read more…


Bashar H. Malkawi

Bashar H. Malkawi is Dean and Professor of Law at University of Sharjah. S.J.D, American University Washington College of Law, LLM, University of Arizona. Prof. Malkawi has also taught at universities in Jordan, UAE, Italy, and United States, and has written over 70 articles, books and book chapters. Read more…


Subhain Hussain

BPP University


Janet Furness

Lancashire Law School


Tony Meacham

Coventry University


Chanthima Neth

City College London







Editorial Assistant

Stoyana Tumbeva

University College London



Konstantinos Georgiadis

University of Leicester


Leanne Gray

University College London


Editorial Board

At Legal Issues Journal we appreciate the time our reviewers devote to assessing our manuscripts. It is only with the help of our reviewers that our editors can ensure that we publish high-quality interdisciplinary research.

Our reviewers are researchers and practitioners from a number of disciplines and jurisdictions. To peer review for LIJ, please email us at president@uklsa.co.uk.

David Felipe Alvarez-Amezquita (Tolima University; University of Nottingham); Marco Bocchi (University of Rome; Max Planck Institute); Matthew Channon (University of Exeter); Claudio Cipollini (University of Heidelberg; University of Florence); Janet Furness (University of Central Lancashire); Richard Glove (University of Wolverhampton; Solicitor); M Sanjeeb Hossain (Warwick Law School); Mohammed Subhan Hussain (SOAS, University of London); Frankie Riyao Liu (Attorney (China)); Isaac Maka (Barrister, England and Wales); Taniya Malik (University of Delhi, India); Alex Matheson (Barrister, England and Wales); Tony Meacham (University of Coventry; University of Westminster); Stela Meçaj (Department of Law, University “Ismail Qemali” Vlora); Chanthima Neth (City University, London); Darell Pang (University of Exeter); Nataly Papadopoulou (University of Leicester); Nabamita Paul Ray (South Calcutta Law College affiliated to University of Calcutta) Daniel Schoeni (University of Nottingham; U.S. Air Force); Nazia Shaikh (University of Leicester); Andre Sinanan (BPP Law School; Barrister, Trinidad & Tobago); Meixian Song (University of Southampton; Attorney, China); Godwin Tan, Oleg Voronin (Tomsk State University, Deputy Head of the Law Institute).



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