Ukrainian Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity – Has it Been Breached?

Authors: Alexander Gilder Published date: 15-07-2015 Status: Under Review

In November 2013 the Euromaidan protests swept Kiev and brought violence to the streets. President Yanukovyk had chosen closer economic ties to the Russian Federation over the European Union and in February he was ousted and an acting-President appointed by Ukrainian Parliament. The crisis escalated when unmarked forces seized the Crimean peninsula and penned Ukrainian forces into their bases. Furthermore, Eastern Ukraine saw increased pro-Russian protests against the Government and in the subsequent twelve months the rebel groups that seized control have attempted to create break away from Ukraine. The rebel groups have been supported by Russia by provisions of weapons, armour and logistics but the full extent of Russia’s involvement is unclear. This article locates the breaches of international law with regards to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and addresses the extent to which the sovereignty of Ukraine has been violated. The use of force and potential acts of aggression are examined and the right to self-determination of the Ukrainian people. Keywords: International Law, Ukraine Crisis, Russia, Use of Force, Sovereignty, Self-Determination

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