Regulating the Environment: A Holistic Overview of the Research Handbook on Climate Change and Trade Law

Authors: NaziaShaikh, SefkiBayram, Zoya Shaikh Published date: 16-01-2018 Status: Published

The debate surrounding climate change has been focused on many disciplines; scientific, economic, and political. There is a growing discourse that is silently brewing in the back, gaining much traction within the world of legal academia—connecting the disciplines mentioned above to the principles of international law. The Research Handbook on Climate and Trade Law identifies the need for stronger environmental laws through existing treaties and organisations, and provides a clear outline for which this might be achieved. Climate change must first be understood as negatively affecting the entire world and secondly, that it is caused entirely by human failings. The evolution of global environmental changes have, and will continue to have only the most catastrophic consequences; this Handbook scrutinises the issue through the lens of the Law and invites a long overdue discussion.

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