Court of Arbitration for Sport: The Effectiveness of CAS Awards and FIFA

Authors: Matteo Maciel Published date: 15-01-2016 Status: Published

This article examines the minute and fascinating relationship between the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and the international governing body for association football, FIFA. This paper will attempt to examine how effective the CAS has been. It will tease out whether subsequent complicate within FIFA occurs and why the judicial principles of the CAS provide a sobering voice within FIFA. Additionally, in examining the close relationship the CAS has with FIFA, it will become clear why FIFA is capable of extracting unanimous adherence to CAS findings. In essence, it creates an international regime in which compliance is a tacit criterion of participation. Examining FIFA through the lens of international political theory authorizes a fascinating perspective on the CAS and its relationship. It is the organization’s structure and operation as an international regulator that contributes to CAS award adherence. To facilitate this journey, one must first understand the role FIFA plays in international sport, and the type of relationships it has with subsidiary members. Keywords: FIFA, Court of Arbitration for Sport, international regime, effectiveness, law.

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Corresponding author. Matteo Maciel:


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