Genomic era and new challenges for justice & regulation

Authors: Tatiana V. Trubnikova, Daria M. Matsepuro, Elizaveta M. Bezrukova Published date: 26-01-2020 Status: Published

SUMMARY. We are now faced with unprecedented progress in genomic research. Findings can be used for family planning, prediction, prevention and treatment of diseases, understand disabilities and behaviour disorders and to investigate crimes. DNA can be used to identify victims of disasters, locate missing persons, and even monitor trafficking of goods such as ivory or wood. They can also be used to the harm of individuals and society, including through discrimination (e.g. access to health, education) and unreasonable and unjustified state interference in the private life of individuals (e.g. through surveillance).

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Corresponding author

Corresponding author. Tatiana V. Trubnikova:


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