About Us

Aims and scope

Legal Issues Journal is an interdisciplinary international journal publishing original research across all fields of law and science affecting society, including: law and genetics / biosciences; law and justice; law and philosophy; law and medicine; law and business; and law and equality.

The Journal publishes original papers, case comments, short reports, debates and book reviews. The Journal also provides important news and interpretation on changes in the legal world and coming trends affecting law, lawyers, and society. Contribution to the society, nationally and internationally, is the focus of LIJ.

Mission statement

First, to facilitate a forum for the sharing of knowledge, news and trends concerning the application of the law throughout the globe; and for further development in all fields of law.
Second, to ensure the dissemination of fine accessible work to the public throughout the world.


The Journal began in 2011 as the UK Law Student Review. In order for the name to better reflect the Journal’s aim, mission, and cross-border coverage, it was renamed Legal Issues in 2015.

Open access


  • Nominal charge for open access.

Peer review

  • Papers are assessed by peer reviewers.

Fast decision

  • Fast decisions on whether to send your paper for review.

Fast publication

  • Your article will be published online as soon as the process is completed.

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