ISSN: 2516-1210 (Print), 2515-9887 (Online)

Legal Issues Journal (LIJ) is:

A multidisciplinary peer-reviewed and non-for-profit journal

LIJ provides a platform for the dissemination of cross-disciplinary research to enable novel solutions to societal questions. We welcome original research and other scholarly work which address such questions by bringing together two or more disciplines, across fields such as psychology, law, genetics, sociology and philosophy. Of particular interest are topics focusing on justice, equality, education, human behaviour, decision making, societal structures and ethics.

Fully independent

not part of any publishing corporations, which allows us to accept research submissions on merits – uninfluenced by externally imposed pressures associated with being part of large publishing companies. We do not reject papers (including at the editorial screening stage, before being sent for review), on any criteria other than quality of research. As an independent journal we can provide the certainty of quality-based evaluation.

With a multidisciplinary and international editorial board

At LIJ we are able to provide highest quality evaluations because our editorial board is composed of leading multidisciplinary experts. For example, several of our editorial board members have degrees in several disciplines. This also enables us to properly evaluate papers of high complexity.

Additional key features

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